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A Welcome Change to the Interpretation of “Parent” Under the Citizenship Act

The Canadian Government has announced that there will be a change to the interpretation of “Parent” under the Citizenship Act to allow for children born abroad to be recognized as Canadian citizens even if there is no genetic connection to the Canadian parent.  This is very welcome news to many same-sex couples and others experiencing […]

Guidance Document for Surrogacy, Sperm Donation, Egg Donation and Embryo Donation Published

On August 30. 2019, the Federal Government published its Guidance Document relating to the reimbursement of expenses for assisted human reproduction, including surrogacy, sperm donation, egg donation and embryo donation.  The link to the Guidance Document can be found here: There are expense templates included in the Guidance Document to assist those involved in […]

Federal Government Publishes New Regulations for Reimbursements Related to Surrogacy and Other Assisted Reproduction

On June 9, 2019, the federal government published new regulations regarding reimbursements related to assisted reproduction.  The new regulations can be found here:  The new regulations will take effect in June 2020. Health Canada is also seeking input regarding its Draft Guidance Document and is accepting submissions regarding that draft document until July 26, […]

Health Canada Releases Proposed Allowable Reimbursable Expenses for Surrogates and Donors

14 years after the Assisted Human Reproduction Act came into effect, Health Canada has released a list of proposed allowable reimbursable expenses for surrogates and donors.  Health Canada will consult the industry on these proposals until January 2019.  For more on this story, follow the link to the CBC article:

Prime Minister Trudeau Says it’s Time to Talk About Compensated Surrogacy

Prime Minister Trudeau said that it is time to have a national conversation about compensated surrogacy, sperm donation and egg donation in Canada.  This follows the announcement that a Liberal private member’s bill will be put forward in May to decriminalize compensated surrogacy, sperm donation and egg donation in Canada.  Follow the link to read […]

Compensated Surrogacy Conversation to Begin in Canada

I am very happy to hear that a Liberal MP is bringing forward a private member’s bill in May with hopes of decriminalizing compensated surrogacy as well as compensated egg and sperm donation in Canada.  Click here for the full article:

Mitochondrial Replacement – time to revisit the ban?

An interesting read on mitochondrial replacement therapy which involves swapping a certain type of DNA between two women’s eggs.  The procedure could prevent women from passing on fatal inherited genetic diseases to their offspring.  

Time to Update Canadian Surrogacy Laws

Professionals working in the assisted human reproduction fields are calling for the federal government to update the Assisted Human Reproduction Act to allow for compensated surrogacy.  Check out the link:

Urgent Calls for Legislative Change in Australia re: Commercial Surrogacy

There are calls for urgent legislative change in Australia after the recent decision of the full Family Court concluded that parents who sought commercial surrogacy abroad could not be recognized as the legal parents of a child (now 3) in Australia. Follow this link to read more about it: