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Compesated Surrogacy Conversation to Begin in Canada

I am very happy to hear that a Liberal MP is bringing forward a private member’s bill in May with hopes of decriminalizing compensated surrogacy as well as compensated egg and sperm donation in Canada.  Click here for the full article:

Mitochondrial Replacement – time to revisit the ban?

An interesting read on mitochondrial replacement therapy which involves swapping a certain type of DNA between two women’s eggs.  The procedure could prevent women from passing on fatal inherited genetic diseases to their offspring.  

Time to Update Canadian Surrogacy Laws

Professionals working in the assisted human reproduction fields are calling for the federal government to update the Assisted Human Reproduction Act to allow for compensated surrogacy.  Check out the link:

Urgent Calls for Legislative Change in Australia re: Commercial Surrogacy

There are calls for urgent legislative change in Australia after the recent decision of the full Family Court concluded that parents who sought commercial surrogacy abroad could not be recognized as the legal parents of a child (now 3) in Australia. Follow this link to read more about it:

Fertility Match – A New Fertility Consulting Company in Canada

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa and Liz and they are truly two amazing women.  I wish them the best of luck with their new Fertility Consulting business – Fertility Match! Whether you are a prospective surrogate, intended parent or egg donor, check out their website to learn more:    

Reimbursable Expenses for Donors and Surrogates to be Clarified Soon

Today Health Canada published policy proposals that will be used to guide the development of new regulations to the Assisted Human Reproduction Act.  One of the major changes to come will be the clarification of exactly what expenses are reimbursable to donors and surrogates. Click here to see the Health Canada news release and to […]

CBC Documentary – “Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom”

An important documentary is airing tonight on the CBC’s documentary channel.  The documentary is the result of North Vancouver filmmaker Nick Orchard’s two years of work and is called “Having Our Baby: The Surrogacy Boom”.  Mr. Orchard explores surrogacy in Canada from legal, ethical and medical perspectives.  The documentary is re-airing on March 1st if you […]

Manitoba’s Outdated Laws Place Burden on New Parents

We are fortunate here in BC to have a relatively new Family Law Act that makes a child born via surrogacy the legal child of the intended parents in a very streamlined way.  This was not the experience of a Manitoba couple whose biological child was recently born by a surrogate mother.  Under Manitoba’s outdated […]

Another Wake Up Call for Clear Regulations

An Ottawa fertility doctor is alleged to have used his own sperm in an IUI procedure without the knowledge or consent of the patient.  Although this is an extremely unusual case, it does, again, highlight the urgent need for clear regulations in the industry both at a federal and provincial level.  The CBC link is […]